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April 24, 2019 edition of the IT Forum on “The Smart Village”, a care project to promote the business environment for Romania and Belgium.

ExpoRomania starts with the event that was organized between 16 and 19 May in Brussels, based on the partnership between the association, Pro Star Office – Business Center Brussels, EFQM Brussels, the County Directorate for Agriculture Iași and the “Smart Village”. The project aims to support the Romanian entrepreneurs from the European space who have businesses both on the territory and outside Romania. At the same time, the project also promotes the development of the business environment on the Romania-Belgium relationship and the creation of a strong Romanian international business community.

Dipl. Eng. Vlad Floareș has been working in the software industry for a decade. He has two licenses, in Computer Science and Economics, he likes to deal with the initial client consultancy (usually for small and medium-sized companies), in order to identify their business needs and proposes, then implements, appropriate software solutions.

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