Social entrepreneurship assisted by IT

On Channel 33, the February 14, 2019 edition of the IT forum, Vlad participated in the discussion about tele-medicine, such how ITs specialists, software engineers, can create original solutions.

Dipl. Eng. Vlad Floareș works in the software industry since he finishes The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (Politehnica București). Having a degree in economics, more exactly in Business Administration, he has activated in the field of business management software systems, implementing ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and POS (Point of Sale) systems. He initially consults with the client to identify the business needs of the properties and proposes, then implements the appropriate software solutions. His latest project, DevRevolution, in which he is a co-founder, can ensure the use of mobile applications, for the further optimization of a processor and a staffing operation for several, while still providing all the operational mobility needs.

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