Software development methodology

You can get an idea of what Mock-up means by watching the video below:

As mentioned above, mockup is done based on an initial software consultancy contract (ctr1 – for this design phase), with fixed price.

Mockup has to have a price for 2 simple reasons:

  • determining your involvement in the full elaboration of the visual sketch and providing all the details necessary for further software development.
  • finally obtaining a very comprehensive and very useful visual sketch in the software development phase, no matter what provider you decide to work with.

Only after the mockup will we be able to move very quickly and quickly into the actual development phase of the software application under a separate contract (software development contract 2) across the entire application designed in the previous phase or just on certain parts of it (sprints) depending on your budget / urgency.

If after making the mockup you decide to move to the actual development of the application, the contract cost 1 will be deducted from the cost of the contract 2.

Realizing Costs / Deadlines Delivery:

  • Achievement Mockup - Fixed fixed cost - X EURO + VAT with delivery term, depending on your involvement, from 1 week to 1 month but usually should not take longer than 2-3 weeks.
  • Achievement Software Software - Cost Unknown at this time. After the completion of stage 1, both the cost and the delivery time can be appreciated much more objectively and realistically based on the achieved Mockup.

However, on the basis of all the information received, before starting step 1 – making the mockup, we will make every effort to estimate at least the margins (from X to Y) a cost of realization of the software application.

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