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At DevRevolution, we deal with the development of software applications, especially with the development of mobile applications – Android and iOS, but also Web applications.
We are aware of the latest technology in the industry, so our products are compatible with most devices, are safe and easy to use, regardless of the type of user.

Getting the perfect application

Our approach involves


Developing a Mockup (a virtual online document with shapes, windows, buttons, and more.)


Integral based on the mockup
  • Delivery time for the first phase lasts between one week and one month (usually not more than 2-3 weeks)
  • The cost of making the Mockup is a fixed one, of 750 €
  • The delivery time for the second phase will be appreciated more objective and real after the completion of the Mockup
  • The cost for the actual development of the software application is a flexible one, we will do everything we can to estimate even at the margins (from X to Y) an achievement price. Only after completing the first phase (the design phase) will we be able to make a real estimate.

You can take a look at what it means to make a mock-up by accessing the link below and watching a short 2 min video. very suggestive

After the completion of stage 1, both the cost and the delivery time will be able to be appreciated more objectively and real based on the Mockup.

However, based on all the information received, before the start of stage 1 – the mockup, we will make every effort to estimate even at the margins (from X to Y) a price for the software application


We present below the four broad categories, universal we could say, in which we will frame the development of the mobile application for you. The technologies presented below, the four, represent practically all possible technological spectrum of development. There are no other options.

WebSite Fully Responsive

In fact, we do not create a mobile application itself, but we make sure that the website you already have or that we can build from 0 if it does not exist, will be able to be viewed in optimal conditions and from most devices- of the current mobile countries. This means in short, that every time someone enters the browser, on your website, on your mobile phone, the window sizes will be adjusted / updated in real time, depending on the device on which the browser was opened, for an optimum user experience, on a small size display, such as a smartphone.

  • Result app available in MarketPlace App Store / Google Play: NO
  • Operation: Browser only (preferably Chrome, Firefox latest versions)
  • Technologies Development: mainly all web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, React, Ionic, Vue.js and more.
  • Minimum development effort: 80-100 h
  • Average working rate: 25 euros/h
  • Access to phone functions: NO, not at all

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are a technology that allows the construction of a mobile application "over" an existing website and offers a fairly good first set of access features to the phone resources, but quite limited compared to hybrid and native applications. PWAs work with a set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that connects to the website, through which it implements a number of phone-specific functions within the website (such as card payments, camera startup, microphone startup , etc.), in the end the user practically navigates to your company's website in the browser (Google Chrome), but can activate directly from the site and features such as camera, video camera or GPS.

  • Result app available in MarketPlace App Store / Google Play: NO
  • Operation: only from Browser (preferably Chrome, Firefox latest versions), but with a native App sensation, fairly low hybrid
  • + Shortcut on Desktop / Smartphone (like native or hybrid applications)
  • Technologies Development: all of the web technologies described (from the WebSite Full Responsive category) + Sets of APIs required to access the specific functions of the physical device, of the smartphone (camera access, Google payment access, operating system access, GPS access, etc.)
  • Minimum development effort: 150-200 h.
  • Average working rate: 35 euros/h
  • Access to phone functions: YES, quite good but limited as a spectrum of use and dependent on the browser version and device operating system, corrections for which intervention in the source code of the application may be required.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps represent the most consistent technological step towards native apps, yet using JavaScript-based web technologies, many of them present in progressive apps, but much improved from the perspective of the widest access to most functions of the device, smartphone ( camera, video, GPS, telephone operating system, etc.) It represents at present the best technical recommendation, which can be made by software providers mobile apps for most developments, less for developments such as: video games, processing video and a few other categories, few in fact, but which intensely require hardcore features of the device.

  • Result app available in MarketPlace App Store / Google Play: YES
  • Operation: native, like most applications installed on the device.
  • Technologies Development: React Native, Ionic Framework, Xamarin, Google Flutter and more
  • Only one app is developed for both iOS and Android.
  • Minimum development effort: 250-300 h.
  • Average working rate: 45 euros/h
  • Access to phone functions: YES, almost completely.

Native Apps

Native apps allow the development of any functionality stated by a particular user, regardless of the complexity of the request and allow almost complete access to absolutely all the hardware functions of the device on which they will be installed. In fact, native applications can access all the hardware resources of the device if there is no restriction imposed by the trade or related to technological patents or intellectual property rights. At the same time, native applications, precisely because they have direct access to the functions of the device, are even faster or much faster in some cases, the user experience being very good. Native graphics can often be exceptional

  • Result app available in MarketPlace App Store / Google Play: YES
  • Operation: native
  • Technologies Development: Swift for iOS (Apple), Java for Android (Google).
  • Only one iOS app and one Android app are being developed.
  • Minimum development effort: 350-400 h.
  • Average working rate: 55 euros/h
  • Access to phone functions: YES, completely


We help you understand our solution so you can manage it smoothly even if you have no specialist knowledge.

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