Software solutions

At DevRevolution, we deal with the development of software applications, especially with the development of mobile applications – Android and iOS, but also Web applications.
We are aware of the latest technology in the industry, so our products are compatible with most devices, are safe and easy to use, regardless of the type of user.

Getting the perfect application

Our approach involves two working phases:


Developing a Mockup (a virtual online document with shapes, windows, buttons, and more.)


Integral based on the mockup

You can get an idea of this in two and more times in the attached files.

Delivery time Cost of making
PROJECTION 1 week / 1 month 750€
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT It will be appreciated more objective and real after the realization of the Mockup Flexible, we will do everything we can to estimate even at the margins (from X to Y) an achievement price. And after completing the Mockup we will be able to make a real estimate


We present below the four broad categories, universal we could say, in which we will frame the development of the mobile application for you. The technologies presented below, the four, represent practically all possible technological spectrum of development. There are no other options.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Hybrid Apps Native Apps
The resulting app is available in App Store/Google Play NO YES YES
Operation Only from Browser, but with a native App sensation, fairly low hybrid Native, like most applications installed on the device Native
Development Technologies HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CMS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, React, Ionic, Vue.js + Sets of access APIs required for the specific functions of the device through the Browser (camera, location services, etc.) React Native, Ionic Framework, Xamarin, Google Flutter and more Swift for iOS (Apple), Java or Kotlin for Android (Google)
Minimum development effort 150-200 h 250-300 h 350-400 h
Average working rate 35 euro/h 45 euro/h 55 euro/h
Access to phone functions YES, quite good but limited as a spectrum of use and dependent on the version of the browser and the operating system of the device. YES, almost completely YES, completely
Possibilities Shortcut on Desktop / Smartphone (like native or hybrid apps) Only one app is developed for both iOS and Android Only one iOS app and one Android app are being developed

We help you understand our solution so you can manage it smoothly even if you have no specialist knowledge.


We help you understand our solution so you can manage it smoothly even if you have no specialist knowledge.

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