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Heermeo – call center automation

Our company, among other products, has developed a system based on artificial intelligence (IVR) that will understand the words spoken by the caller.
By understanding the words, we mean that we can work directly with the voice input of the user.

What does such a system help?
Well, let’s take a business example from HoReCa.
We assume that this business is made up of a supplier and more small customers. The latter do not have the IT infrastructure and staffed staff to use a classical software solution.

Here comes Heermeo. The customer’s employees will receive a phone number to call and verbally transmit the product code and quantity required for the order.

In the end, our system will generate an order, it will be subject to confirmation from the initiator, and then sent and centralized to the provider via email, sms or any other technical means available at this time.

What are the advantages?

Information is delivered by phone, without the need for applications, costly mobile terminals or employees to be trained to use them.

So, using a live phone and a phone (it can be fixed), you can automate and streamline the flow of information in your company.

Test for free

On the Heermeo website, you can test our system for free. Simply fill in the form from the site with some test data, plus your contact details, and then you will receive your order via e-mail.
Careful! Use a real phone number (to associate it with your data set), but also a valid email address so that you can send your order with the phone data.

To get free support, do not hesitate to contact us.

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