Our projects

Whether we’re talking about developing Android or iOS apps, here at DevRevolution, we focus on understanding your needs. We try to come up with viable, real and optimal solutions.


The app is designed to provide a controlled information environment for the public in the Timis region and neighboring counties on a mobile app accessible to all Android and / or iOS smartphones and SmartTV webOS, just in the browser and not in the native webOS application.

Funeral App

It’s a mobile app required to manage a agency on: orders, contracts, tasks, event planning, product stocks, billing.

Cut App

Mobile app that controls a series of design files developed in Corel Draw for mobile phone foils and protectors, and which transmits these files to cutting to cutter-plotters.


It is a Chrome extension named VoiceFiller Speech To Text, that uses SpeechRecognition interface – a technology part of Web Speech API for converting speech to text and fill websites forms.

Live Search for Facebook Groups

This extension allows the user to do a quick live search on Facebook groups before make a post to avoid duplicate posts.


It is an extension for Facebook groups that gives you alerts for the selected keywords.


It is a system based on artificial intelligence of type IVR (Voice Interaction System), by which it will understand the words spoken by the caller.


We help you understand our solution so you can manage it smoothly even if you have no specialist knowledge.

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